Thursday, 8 August 2013

Why a Professional Resume?

Why should I pay for a professional resume when I can write it myself?

This is one of the most common questions when people start looking into having a professional resume written for them.

There is no alternative to a professional resume, we have seen many resumes written by many different people and usually they are outdated between five and seven years. A professional resume writer will keep up to date with changes happening in the employment industry, the expectations that employers have today on what a good resume should or should not include.

How many of you still refer to Occupational Health and Safety? Well it has been a minimum of 2 years now that the terminology changed to Workplace Health and Safety. Clients ring us all the time to say, “You’ve made a mistake on my resume, you've written WH&S instead of OH&S”!

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are no longer acceptable on a resume. They never were, but with the amount of applicants per position now, it is even more crucial that your resume is error free. Just spell checking does not work, it never has, you need to proof read and if you are a professional writer, use a grammar checker, as well.

If your resume has a list of duties and does not explain, what you do and how you do it then it is outdated. It will not get you results. Five to seven years ago, it would have worked for you but not today.

Many people forget the value of a strong results-focussed resume written by someone who understands the requirements in today's challenging employment world.

It could mean the difference from earning $30,000 a year to $100,000 per year! It really is that simple so why wait! Have your resume written by a professional today!

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The Team
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